Fundraisers are strategic events with the set goal to raise money. When planning the perfect fundraiser, it’s essential to create a balance between pleasing sponsors and engaging attendees. At Event Creative, we work tactically to plan fundraisers that entice guests to donate while creating an extraordinary experience. Here are 5 basics that every successful fundraising event needs.

A Budget

Fundraisers are all about making money, but in order to do that, you’ll have to invest in the event. Normally, you can get essential items donated, but that won’t cover everything you’ll need. Before you start planning the details, understand your financial situation. Create a set budget based on your donation goal. As you receive donations, monitor your budget and adjust as needed.

A Host Committee

To have a successful event and reach your donation goal, you’ll need a group of people who are willing to promote the fundraiser to their friends, families, and coworkers. Your committee should be made up of people who support the organization and are knowledgeable about its mission. Get your host committee involved in the planning of the event and they’ll deliver more donors.

Multiple Opportunities for Donations

For a fundraiser to be successful you need money, and to raise money you need to ask for it. Creating multiple opportunities for attendees to donate will compel people to contribute more than once. In addition to the price of a ticket to the event, set up a raffle or silent auction at the event and get prizes by asking local business to get involved.

A Full Experience

People see fundraisers as an exchange. They donate money in exchange for an experience. Invite influential guests to speak, hold the event at an exclusive venue, plan an unusual activity like art making or a dance marathon, or keep it classy with an elaborate dinner. If your guests at the event are having such a great time, they won’t hesitate to donate.


The fundraising process doesn’t stop when the event is over. The follow-up that happens after the event is just as important as the event itself. Personally reach out to every donor and thank them for their support. Don’t forget to reach out to vendors and volunteers as well. By following up with donors, vendors, and volunteers you are forming relationships that can be valuable for future events.

Fundraising events are not easy to plan, but with dedication, a strategic plan, and an enthusiastic group of people you can reach your goal and create a memorable experience for attendees. What are some essentials you think every successful fundraising event needs?

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By: Event Creative

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