Guests expect something above and beyond during the holiday season. Whether that is through the venue, decor, or food, attendees want to be blown away. We don’t blame them. The holidays are a magical time and should be celebrated in an exceptional way. To help you plan your holiday event this season, here are 4 tips from Event Creative to bring the holiday magic to life.

Choose the Right Venue

The venue that you choose has the ability to make or break your event. Forming a strong connection between the organization hosting the event, the venue, and the guests is vital to create authenticity. A few to keep in mind include Venue One Chicago and the soon to be opening Venue One North Shore.

Decorate Thoughtfully

What better time to decorate than around the holidays? Elegant tablecloths, sparkling lights, and festive centerpieces can transform a simple site into an immediate getaway for guests. If you’re going to send out physical invitations, build the holiday anticipation with beautifully decorated envelopes. The decorations don’t stop at the inanimate objects. By setting up a dress code for your guests (color-coded, black tie, etc.) they become as big a part of the atmosphere as the tablecloths and lights. For inspiration on how to decorate your next event, check out some of ours.

Be a Kid Again

The holiday season holds a great deal of sentimental memories for people of all ages. The event should be carefully planned ahead of time, but when the time comes to celebrate, let yourself and your guests be kids again. Get the ball rolling with some of your favorite childhood holiday songs. Don’t forget to serve some festive food, beverages and treats. Your guests will be thrilled by the feelings of nostalgia for an evening.

Introduce an Element of Surprise

There’s no better time to be spontaneous than around the holidays. Surprises are scientifically proven as one of the best ways to engage an audience and keep your event memorable. They don’t have to be shocking to be unforgettable. Any unexpected activities like festive photo booths, raffles, or unique gift bags can do the trick.

While it is easy to fall into the obvious routine when planning holiday events, you can make a lasting impression on your guests by implementing these simple tips into your next holiday event.

To get more tips and inspiration for your special occasion, visit Event Creative.


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